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Dormers are a practical tool to use roof space as living quarters and expand the normal capacity of the standard house or apartment.  They come in many shapes, sizes and uses.  Some are simply used as one would expect to provide additional natural light and roof height but they have been used to provide access and ventilation to plant rooms of larger buildings where air conditioning machinery and other services are located.


Dormers are described using their style, the window opening size (width x height) and the roof pitch that they sit on.  So one might ask for a gabled dormer with a 1200 mm x 1050 mm window opening on a 42 degree roof.


We are able to supply as standard several combinations of the above within the general styles of Flat lead effect roof, Gabled tile effect roof, Hipped tile effect roof, curved or barrel and finally Mansard.








Dormer Cross Reference Guide

This is designed to allow 'one click' access to each of our standard dormer moulds.


Window   Window           R  O  O  F    P  I  T  C  H    &    S  H  A  P  E 

 Width      Height         35          40          42          43          44          45         50         55      

  630          900                                                                                   Flat

  915         1050                          Gabled 1       Flat                           Flat          Flat           Flat            Flat   

                                                     Gabled 2                                    Gabled      Gabled       Gabled       Gabled

                                                                                                                      Hipped       Hipped       Hipped

  1200             900                           Gabled

  1200            1050             Flat             Gabled         Flat                                        Flat 1

                                                                       Gabled                                     Flat 2


  1200            1200                                                            Flat                          Flat            Flat


1345/50         1050                          Gabled         Flat                          Flat

  1770            1050                          Gabled         Flat

  1770            1200                                                                                            Flat

  1770            1350                            Flat                                                           Flat

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